Index of Posts

After having this blog for almost two years I finally decided to create a chronological list of posts, to make it easier to track the story from beginning to end.
The Phone Call
And Then
The Most Important Meal of the Day
How to live to be 100, Norma-Style
What was I thinking?
Old Snoopy
Did I just yell at Grandma?
When Grandmonsters Attack!
Grandma’s Got a Sassy New Hairdo
Norma in a digital world…
No time for a broken heart…
Caring for the Caregiver
Smiley Breakfast
To My Children (a poem, by Norma Schmid, 1997)
“…I want to go home…”
Old Snoopy Snoopin’
Happy Grandma Breakfast #237
Child of War (a poem by Norma Schmid, 1941)
No good deed goes unpunished
Be Happy (a poem by Norma Schmid
To pee or not to pee…what was the question?
Raspberry Hot Cocoa Pancakes
“…I can’t find my eyes…”
Sleeping Grandma Breakfast #184
Croque Grande-mere
Give yourself permission to be less than perfect
HELPING! (again)
Norma vogues for the camera
I found my eyes!
Grandma loves potatoes for breakfast
Beauty Skinned Deep (a poem by Norma Schmid)
Taking credit where credit is due (The Kimberly Bank Story)
Norma as the mother of invention
Norma Neeley Schmid – Some History
The Hard Truth
Fuzzy Wuzzy
How Grandma’s feeling today
Easing the Way
The Past (a poem by Norma Schmid)
On Mortality – Carpe Diem
More Pancakes
Sometimes other people say it better
Grandma on “the gays” and “dope”
Grandma enjoys the nice weather
She’s grittin’ her teeth atcha!
Grandma (a poem by Norma Schmid)
Unexpected Kindness
Sleeping Grandma Breakfast #247
Oh Yeah..?
Grandma the painter
Peace Conference (a poem by Norma Schmid)
Breakfast in Bed
A brief conversation with Grandma
Let Her Be Happy (a poem by Norma Schmid)
“You’re just a kid…”
More paintings from Grandma
Strawberry French Toast
“I’m givin’ the world heck!”
Candy? What candy!?!
Two years for a lifetime
The bedtime story
Sitting on the porch
Happy Mother’s Day
An indelicate post…
Patient Grandma Dinner # 23
Remember Me?
What I found while packing
Grandma move update
Grandma fell down (she’s ok, though)
A brief conversation
She’s still hanging on…
Norma Schmid: December 29, 1911 – October 24, 2013



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