1) Eat Dessert First: Anyone who has ever met Grandma knows that her sweet tooth is legendary. She can still eat half a box of candy in a single sitting. There have been many nights that she’s pushed dinner away after one bite, saying “I’m just not hungry” only to plow through a large bowl of ice cream.

2) Have a Sense of Humor: Grandma has a dark and sarcastic sense of humor. I believe her dark sense of humor is what helped her survive two world wars, the Great Depression, and the deaths of both of her children and her husband.

3) Be Rebellious: Even now that she’s over 101 years old I’ll catch Grandma wandering the house without her walker or canes. It’s her rebellion against the encroaching disability that comes with age. She may be wobbly, her steps more of a shuffle…but by god, she can still move from room to room without help. And that’s something.

The video above is a fine example of her living by these three rules (dessert is implied).

5 thoughts on “How to live to be 100, Norma-style

  1. BeckyK

    I love this. I’m sending this to my 88 year old aunt. Regrettabily only via a printout, but I think she will enjoy reading about Norma.

  2. Jill

    This makes me smile, laugh and wish I was such a character as your Grandma. Love love love this Blog. Thank you for sharing Rob!


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