Remember Me?


It’s been a while since I last posted.

I blogged nearly every other day for 3 months.  I felt compelled to share my thoughts.  Then one day, suddenly, I no longer felt the urgency to write.

What happened?

To be honest, I processed through a lot of my thoughts and fears about living with Grandma in my earlier blog posts.  I didn’t have much more to share…or much more that I was ready to share, at any rate.

There hasn’t been much Grandma news lately anyway.  Her routine hasn’t varied and she’s been sleeping a lot.  She’s in fine health and can still power through a box of candy in a single day (while avoiding any actual food).  She still pretends to stomp on my foot when she walks by with her walker and still finds delight in words.


My schedule has been incredibly crazy, too.  Work has picked up so that’s eating up a lot of time, and I decided to start looking into buying a house.  As often happens with me when I get a big idea, it went incredibly quickly.   I found the perfect house within a week and half of looking with my realtor.  We’re in escrow now and if all goes well I take possession July 3.

So…you could say my energy has been tied up elsewhere…

All in all,  things have been going really well.  

I talked to Grandma about the new house and explained that we’d be moving together (because she was afraid that I might be sending her to a nursing home).  I then asked her how she thought she would do with the move.  She said:

“As long as I’m moving with the same people I’ll be alright”.


I’m guessing she’ll be a little confused in the beginning, but I plan to get her room set up first, so she’ll be surrounded by familiar things.  There’s a nice deck off of the dining room where she can go outside on nice days and be surrounded by trees.  I think she’ll like it, once she’s acclimated.

I am sure that the new environment will offer Grandma plenty of stimulation and will result in many funny stories to share with all of you.

Thanks so much for reading.  All of you.  The comments and support have been really good for me, and have shown me the value of what I’m doing.  For Grandma and for myself.  Judging from many of the messages I’ve received, it looks like this has been good for some of you, too.   I’ve been told numerous times that what I’m doing is extraordinary.  That saddens me.  I think taking care of our loved ones should be the most ordinary thing in the world.


2 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. Kristin Myers

    I was wondering where you had gone too, but then I saw that you were buying a house & it all started to make sense :O)
    I love your blog & think you are an incredible person Rob, I wish we would have gotten to know each other better as we got older, most of my memories of you are when we were kids in Bellevue. Fond ones of coarse!

  2. hereisandrea

    So great to read your post…I was wondering where you had gone! Glad you and your grandma are doing well and best of luck with the move and your new home- it sounds wonderful! Keep us posted… 🙂


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