Patient Grandma Dinner #23

Patient Grandma Dinner # 23:  peanut butter toast, fruit, ensure and water.

Patient Grandma Dinner # 23: peanut butter toast, fruit, Ensure and water.  Grandma is arranging her hair in the background.

I haven’t been posting recently because work has been crazy busy. Tonight when I got home from an evening meeting at about 8pm Grandma surprised me by being not only still in the living room, but awake.

Usually if I get home this late she’s already in bed and won’t get back up to eat, so I was pleasantly surprised (though unprepared) that I needed to make her dinner.

Since it was so late I went with what was easy:  toast with some peanut butter for protein and the fruit salad that came with my boxed dinner.  Some Ensure for additional nutrients.

She ate more of tonight’s simple dinner than she often does when I make something special for her.  Something to keep in mind for the future…

2 thoughts on “Patient Grandma Dinner #23

  1. Terri

    P.S. I admire the way you prepare and arrange her food so that it’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. What beautiful flowers!

  2. Terri

    Mom, Dad, and Granny were the same way. Perhaps their taste receptors had aged as well, and they could no longer process complex flavors. Two weeks before Mom died, she had a few fresh berries and, with great pleasure, wound up eating an entire cup of them in one sitting. She said, “When I was a little girl, I used to pick buckets of these in our field.” She recognized the plain, basic foods she had eaten all of her life, and that recognition was comforting to both tummy and mind.


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