Grandma’s got a sassy new hairdo

Grandma models her new hairdo.

Grandma models her new hairdo.

Grandma’s been complaining recently that her hair is getting too long, so today I decided to take her to a local salon she’s been to before.  They adore her there.  She is by far the oldest customer they’ve ever had.  Grandma fusses about it while she’s there, but she clearly enjoys the attention.

Now she’s wiped out and napping on the couch.  It’s a lot of work going up and down two flights of stairs to the car and interacting with strangers.

What do you think of her sassy new hairdo?

5 thoughts on “Grandma’s got a sassy new hairdo

  1. Katrina

    Straightened,huh? I am personally thinking of going the exact opposite direction with a spiral perm. Would grandma like that for herself, do you think, or would it make her look like a lonely poodle?

  2. Lauri

    Love the new ‘do, love the pic, and love this whole blog! I can’t tell you how amazing I think it is, what you’re doing for your Grandma – may we all be so blessed if we live that long, and may karma reward you well!


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