Grandma (a poem by Norma Schmid)

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.


“Act your age, Grandma,” the young girl said
“You are tired – Now go to bed.
Go to your room where you belong
Everything you do is wrong, all wrong.”

With tears suppressed and sorrow bent
Grandma off to her room was sent.
“Why, oh why does she treat me so?
I’ve learned more than she’ll ever know.”

Grandma thought of her girlhood days
The music sweet that the dance band played.
The nice young men, and the dancing feet
The gown of blue that was so neat.

Her wedding day and her first home
Four babies born – How far they roam.
She toiled that they might have the best
Now left alone, she cannot rest.

There’s a shout below, “Oh Grandma, come!
Happy Birthday!  from everyone.”
All her family has gathered ’round.
Hugs and kisses and gifts abound.

~ Norma Schmid ~

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