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Let Her Be Happy (a poem by Norma Schmid)

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Let Her Be Happy

Aunt Bess is coming –
a gossip for sure.
Pick up the toys –
put the cat out the door.

Wash all the dishes,
quickly mop up the floor.
Dust of the ceiling –
scrub the old car.

Bathe all the kids –
clean dirt from their nails;
Shampoo your hair,
polish the snails.

Dig out corners, wash doorknobs –
don’t fail;
Have everything shining
and hide all the mail.

Aunt Bess is looking
for everything bad.
Gossiping is all
the pleasure she’s had…

…So – Bring out the toys,
throw food on the floor;
Smear jam on the kids
and mud on the door.

~  Norma Schmid ~