Unexpected kindness

Grandma enjoys her flowers.

Grandma enjoys her flowers.

Yesterday we got an unexpected package delivered to our door addressed to Grandma.  It was a large box with “FLOWERS” written on it.  I helped Grandma open the box and handed the card over to her.  She spent quite a while reading and re-reading the card.  When I explained that it came from one of my friends from Idaho she said “Well isn’t that sweet…”  The text of the card is below:

Norma!  We are so lucky to know you.  We love Rob’s Blog about you, and we love you too!  You are the coolest gramma ever!

– Your Wood River Valley Fan Club

I suspect I know who sent these flowers to Grandma, and I won’t call you out by name on this blog, but I do want to say thank you for brightening Grandma’s day.  She loves flowers, and she loves knowing that people are thinking about her even if she doesn’t fully understand what a “blog” is.

Here’s Grandma’s message of gratitude ( when she looks away from the camera at the end she’s looking at the flowers).

The flowers not only made her day, but they made mine as well.  Grandma spent the rest of the day commenting on the flowers: “They’re bee-yoo-teeful!”

Never underestimate the value of unexpected kindness.

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