Easing the way

Yesterday I installed this raised toilet seat for Grandma.

Yesterday I installed this raised toilet seat for Grandma.

Grandma has been pretty vocal about not wanting me to make things easier on her.  I can see the wisdom in that.  She knows that the less she does the less she will be able to do.  But, the fact is that she is 101 years old.  Her mobility is decreasing.   She’s having a tougher time getting up and down because of her knees, and her recent cold made her weakness that much more acute.

Yesterday I purchased this spaceship-looking raised toilet seat (it even has handles!) and installed it while she was napping.  I didn’t mention it, opting instead to let her discover it on her own.  I know Grandma well enough to know that she won’t say anything directly.  She’ll wait a few days to tell me that she doesn’t want me helping her.

Sure enough, as soon as I had the handles locked in place I heard Grandma rise from her nap.  She shuffled and hummed her way from the couch (which I also need to raise by a few inches) to the bathroom.  I heard her humming abruptly stop when she noticed the new addition to the bathroom.

Then…she proceeded to do her business, and was out of the bathroom again in record time.  No struggling to get up, no fear of falling.  At some point I’ll bring up the new toilet seat, just to see how she reacts, but for now I’m happy to know that I’ve eased her way a bit.

Sometimes, you’ve got to do something that you know goes against your elders’ wishes if you see that the benefit outweighs any possible fallout.  For me, the reward is instantaneous.  She’s retaining her independence (and dignity) and I’ve gained peace of mind.  I’ll take a “win” when I can get it.

1 thought on “Easing the way

  1. Kimberly

    Once again I will tell you I love you!! I have never met you but I will tell you there is a very special place for you up there in that after life! I took care of my grandmother for just a week with my sister back in the summer of 2003. I saw her frequently but taking care of her without any breaks for just a week was difficult. A time I will never forget. It was a special time, a time where we talked, laughed & bonded. She was the ONE person who showed such unconditional love to so many. She was my hero, my rock & my sweet grandma. I list her in 2004 @ age 92. I miss her. You have taken on a HUGE responsibility, you have gone beyond the care so many would. Your grandma loves you & you have given her something so special. You have given something special to all of us! Xo


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