Peace Conference (a poem by Norma Schmid)

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Peace Conference

The animals called a conference,
when the world was very young.
The subject matter was serious.
“Why can’t we just get along?”

They brought up many issues,
from the impressive massive whale,
to the smallest concerns,
of the tiny soft-shelled snail.

They talked for many tedious hours,
on one point they all agree.
“The earth upon which you walk,
really does belong to ME.”

Everyone still keeps his point of view,
and considers all the others fool.
Uninformed – misled and addle brained,
the conference ends to let their emotions cool.

The agreement signed that day,
by the eagle, lion, wolf and tiger pup.
Was of very little value,
for they still eat each other up.

~ Norma Schmid ~

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