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Be Happy (a poem by Norma Schmid)

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Grandma reads from her book of poetry.

Sometimes is as though Grandma’s poems were written specifically for me on the day I need to see them, even though they were written years ago. ¬†Below is one such example.

Be Happy

If you see your life is changing
and you don’t know what to do,
paste a smile upon your face
soon good things will come to you.

Concentrate upon your blessings,
push failure from your mind.
Fewer folks will leave you lonely
if your words are always kind.

Choose not a life of sadness,
but let your spirit soar.
The sun breaks thru black clouds
more lovely than before.

Life gives many trials to test you.
You must face each and every one.
Do not let them defeat you
and be thankful when you’ve won.

Choose to be happy; and be glad
that good things outnumber bad.
Both wealth and fame are fleeting
remember the good life you’ve had.

~ Norma Schmid ~